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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

21 weeks and growing


WOW this pregnancy is flying by! With each pregnancy it seems to go faster and faster. When you are busy chasing after two kiddies there is no time to think or day dream. ;) Our baby boy is becoming more active in his snug home, and I love every minute of feeling him jump and kick. Maybe he is kicking his brother and sister back because they sure are rough with me and the belly. Tyler is hysterical when you talk about there being a baby in mommy's belly. He goes to slapping my tummy...OUCH! I asked him the other day a series of questions, "Do you want a baby brother?" T says, "Yes", and then I ask, "Will you play with him?" T says "Yes", then "Will you share your room?" T replys "Yes". Then I ask, "Will you share your toys?" Again he says "Yes". I really wonder if he knows what he is agreeing to.:) Jalyn definitely gets it, but there are still cute things that come out of her mouth. She saw a picture of the baby in an ultrasound pic and pointed to a spot and said, "Is that his diaper?" Too cute! Yes, he has diapers, bottles and a paci all in his little home. I love to hear those cute comments! Aw, the innocence of a child. Last week we were at my inlaws when Jalyn and her MiMi went for a ride on the golf cart to find a wedding outside of the clubhouse. Jalyn watched them say their "vowels" and then when they kissed she asked if the bride had a baby in her belly. Ya know, because that's what comes next! ;)


Shandi said...

Hi Mandy!!

I'm so excited to be a follower of your blog! I can't wait to see your future writings.

Jessica said...

Yeah... I don't look anything like that... I almost took a belly pic today but you shamed me into not doing it :). I wish I had a cute pregnant belly!!

"Sweeter Everyday" The Holder Family said...

Oh, don't be silly! I want to see it - I know you are beautiful!

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