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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cutsie Stories

I'm just sitting here ALONE (yes Tyler is asleep and Jalyn is at music practice with daddy). I thought I would post some cute things the kids have said or done lately. Tyler is starting to talk (or try) a lot more over the past week. He absolutely LOVES to say words that begin with the letter "P". Over Christmas he was saying "Pawpaw". It sounds more like "PaaPaa". He has discovered that he enjoys making that sound. Now he says "Pop" for poptart, and today I had him try to say "puppy" because I knew he would love it. He smiled real big and said "puppa". :) Most of the words he tries to say he doesn't finish, like "hot" is "hoh", "book is "bu" and "bath" is "baa". He found it to be so funny yesterday when I shushed him and he was saying "Shhh".

Now he goes to get his own diapers when he needs one. I think it's time to potty train! He loves to dance by doing circles. He climbs like a monkey and destroys everything like he is on daddy's bulldozer. It's funny to me how different he is from Jalyn.

Jalyn is LITTLE MISS DIVA! At 3 years old she spends all day prancing around in a dress, heals and jewelry. She begs to wear a dress from the minute we wake up. Trying to get dressed and out of the house is a nightmare because she only wants to wear a dress and it's just the
HARDEST decision in the world on which dress she should wear. It never fails she picks out one that is sleevless and just doesn't understand that it's 50 degrees outside and she can't wear it. So today I get so tired of feeling like she has 3 dresses to choose from that we went shopping. I told her she could get 2 dresses. That was fun! Insert big eyes here! She was picking out these green and red Christmas dresses and these frufru frilly dresses. Then she spotted the pocket books and begged to get one. She started putting necklaces and bracelets in the cart. By this time Tyler was pitching a fit to get down and run around so I just told her that she could pick out a purse that was on sale. So she picked out a little white purse with white gloves for $6. She wore them the rest of the day and said she was like Cinderella. We got home and I hadn't even put all my things down and she was pulling the dresses out of the bag to try them on. She had to try on EVERY LAST ONE. The last one she tried was a summer dress that I couldn't resist because it was on clearance and I figured it would get warm soon enough. When I told her it was a summer dress, she said (in a sophisticated princess voice), "A hot summer dress for a hot summer". Oh me oh my! How did she ever turn out to be the next Disney Princess!?!


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